Omada is a digital health company which empowers people across the chronic disease spectrum to set and reach their health goals.

I've had the pleasure of working in the product design team at Omada, where I had the opportunity to develop interface and interaction concepts. Specifically, I was responsible for re-branding the Omada product, developing the design system, and creating visual elements across different platforms.

Full documentation will be coming soon.*

PROJECT 1: Website Redesign
PROJECT 2: Mobile App Redesign

PROBLEM: After developing the system and re-designing the website, I was asked to do a UX audit before re-designing interface and experience concepts. The two main issues were (1) the Omada app is launching new features that are designed with an entirely different interface concept, (2) the visual elements are not thoughtfully integrated together.

GOAL: To find opportunities and explore concepts that can improve the current user experience and re-brand the product in a holistic way while remaining consistent with the new design.

PROCESS: In order to come to my solutions, I looked at similar products, studied different trends and styles, sketched a bunch of ideas, worked on high fidelity iterations, presented multiple concepts, and got feedback from other product designers and engineers.

SOLUTION: The new set of illustrations has creative flexibility. It depicts Omada's participants without over-defining them, and it aims to enhance usability, storytelling, emotional and visual appeal of the interface. The new interface and interaction design work well in growing brand awareness and making a unique and engaging user experience.